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ciscobackup 1.0

— Posted by hazard @ 17-02-2007 15:48
I have released ciscobackup 1.0, a handy utility script for secure backup of Cisco IOS-based routers and other devices configuration via SSH. The script depends on Net::SSH::Perl module, make sure to look at README file before installing.

b12 vs HIV

— Posted by hazard @ 17-02-2007 12:27

Protein b12 attacking HIV virus. For details see BBC article.


— Posted by hazard @ 11-02-2007 14:48

And where are potatoes?

Budget Airlines Come to Cyprus

— Posted by hazard @ 04-02-2007 05:54
This year, several budget airlines have announced that they are coming to Cyprus - Monarch Airlines and FlyGlobespan with UK flights, SkyEurope with flights to Vienna (Austria). Prices they quote in the press releases are often unbelievable, like 20 EUR. The truth is that these prices are one-way and do not include taxes and fees. This way, price of Larnaca-Vienna-Larnaca from 30 EUR becomes 95 EUR after your add all other charges. Nevertheless, the prospect of travelling to central Europe for 50 CYP is quite tempting...

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