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01 Dec, 2013

Smokeping Juniper JunOS plugin with routing-instance and logical-system support

— Posted by hazard @ 2013-12-01 19:07
I have hacked together a Smokeping plugin for Juniper JunOS devices that supports VRFs (routing-instance) and logical systems.
  • Download the plugin to your server.
  • Install by copying the file into lib/Smokeping/probes directory under your smokeping installation (e.g. to /opt/smokeping/lib/Smokeping/probes).
  • You might also have to install Net::OpenSSH Perl module, if it's not already installed (check by running "perl -e 'use Net::OpenSSH'").
  • Add the following section to your smokeping config:
    + OpenSSHJunOSPing
    packetsize = [in JunOS 1472 is the max for 1500 L3 MTU]
    junospass = [pass]
    junosuser = [user]
    # feel free to change params below as you wish
    forks = 5
    offset = 50%         
    timeout = 15
    step = 120
  • Individual targets are configured as follows:
    ++ sample-target
      probe = OpenSSHJunOSPing
      menu = [menu name]
      title = [title]
      host = [destination IP to ping from JunOS device]
      pings = [numer of ICMP pings to send, e.g. 5]
      source = [JunOS device to login into]
      logicalsystem = [logical system name, optional]
      vrf = [routing-instance name, optional]
  • ssh to the JunOS device once from the commmand line from the account of the user who is running smokeping (su -s /bin/sh [username]). On the first connect ssh will ask to add the new host to its known_hosts file, confirm it. Otherwise Smokeping will fail to login as the ssh key of your JunOS box is not in the known_hosts file.