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ciscobackup, (C) 2007 Vladimir Ivaschenko 

Utility script used for making backups of running-config on Cisco IOS routers.

1) Installation:

Typing "make install" will install ciscobackup into 
/usr/local hierarchy. For CPAN installation to work (see below), you 
will need to run it as root.

ciscobackup depends on Net::SSH::Perl module. The Makefile will try 
to install the module automatically. Installation can take a lot of time
because Net::SSH::Perl depends on a lot of other modules, which will take
time to download and have time consuming tests.

If installatin fails, your only choice is to try to install from CPAN yourself,
you can start CPAN shell by issuing "perl -MCPAN -e shell" command. Note that
unless Math::BigInt::GMP is installed beforehand, Crypt::DH can take forever to

After installation, manual can be found by typing "man ciscobackup".

Default username and password can be changed easily by editing the script.

2) Contact/copyright:

GPLv2, (C) 2007, Vladimir Ivaschenko