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19 Apr, 2020

"Failed to install RT_NH entry" error on Juniper during routing-instance import

— Posted by hazard @ 2020-04-19 14:23
I realized why I was getting errors like this on Juniper EX4200 switch when importing routes from one routing-instance to another:
fpc2 Failed to do walk over constituent nhs (status: 1004)
/kernel: RT_PFE: RT msg op 1 (PREFIX ADD) failed, err 5 (Invalid)
fpc2 Failed to install RT_NH entry (status: 1004)
fpc2 Failed to create the RT_NH entry (status: 1004)
fpc2 RT-HAL,rt_entry_add_msg_proc,2873: rt_halp_vectors->rt_create failed
fpc2 RT-HAL,rt_entry_add_msg_proc,2933: proto ipv4,len 27 prefix X/24 nh X
fpc2 RT-HAL,rt_msg_handler,601: route process failed
I was using prefix-lists to control which routes are imported, but didn't include in the list the Local address /32 for the directly connected route I wanted to import. Seems obvious now, but until I figured it out, it wasn't :)


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