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15 Mar, 2008

IBM-Lenovo X61

— Posted by hazard @ 2008-03-15 09:05
My colleague received an IBM-Lenovo X61 laptop, and we found that built-in Intel 4965 wireless is very slow when connected to 802.11b access point. Same problem persisted both with Fedora Core 8 and Ubuntu (iwlwifi driver).

Usual tweaking of ACPI and APIC parameters didn't help. Googling around showed a lot of people suffering from the same problem with Intel 4965 wireless cards. Eventually I resolved the problem by removing iwlwifi driver files from /lib/modules, and installing ndiswrapper (allows to use Windows network drivers) + Intel 4965 driver for Windows XP.


  1. Have he bought it in Cyprus or somewhere in Europe? Looking into purchasing the same model and wonder if it's better to bring one from Europe/eBay or get it here.

    Posted by morhekil — 15 Mar 2008, 09:28

  2. It was purchased in Cyprus from NewCytech. We purchase a lot from them and get good discounts.

    Posted by hazard — 15 Mar 2008, 11:06

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