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26 Aug, 2007

parprouted 0.65

— Posted by hazard @ 2007-08-26 07:44
I have just released parprouted 0.65. It fixes a problem with incorrect handling of a case when there are two entries for the same IP, incomplete and correct one. This can happen when machine running parprouted is rebooted. Credit for the fix goes to Dennis Borgmann and Matthias Huning.


  1. Hi,

    My scenario:
    I have a linux box with 2 interfaces (eth0 and eth1).
    eth0 ==> internet
    eth1 ==> local LAN
    What I looking for:
    In the local LAN I have users with static IP, static gateway and static DNS... different from those provided by DHCPD binded at eth1 from my linux box.
    This requires me to go to this user computer and manually setup IP configuration to automatic to receive DHCP configurations from the linux box.
    I am looking for a solution that automates this task. I mean, whatever is the user IP configuration, the linux box can provide access to the internet. Does the parprouted provide me this feature?

    Thanks in advance,


    Posted by mson77 — 18 Oct 2007, 08:12

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