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29 Oct, 2006


— Posted by hazard @ 2006-10-29 19:56
From my personal experience and experience of my friends I have come to a conclusion that quality of private medical service in Cyprus is not of a high standard. There are good doctors, at the same time you have a high chance of getting in hands of somebody who doesn't know or care much. For example, it seems to be a common thing that a doctor will diagnose you with a virus and prescribe antibiotics ...
Based on this, I have come to the following set of indicators I will use to judge doctors, which should be universal to any doctor in any country:
  • It is a good indication if a doctor spends time to explain his/her reasoning. If otherwise automatically decrease level of trust. Always ask doctors about what he has prescribed, and challenge him/her if you have concerns.
  • It is a good indication if a doctor asks you about your symptoms, your past illness history, whether you have allergy etc. If otherwise automatically decrease level of trust.
  • Doctors working in hospitals/clinics are to be more trusted than those working alone. The reason is that they have a pool of colleagues to exchange knowledge and have second opinion, and they have the hospital itself interested in keeping its image.
  • Increase level of trust to doctors who keep your history in written form when you visit them.
  • If a doctor has many patients, it may be a positive sign in that he/she is trusted by people, at the same time it may mean that loosing one client won't affect him/her much. So it does not mean you will get good service.
  • If a doctor has good equipment, it is better than not, but it doesn't mean that he/she is not a charlatan.