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24 Oct, 2005

The Day After Tomorrow

— Posted by hazard @ 2005-10-24 01:52
Today Nova was broadcasting "The Day After Tomorrow". Though I watched it on TV, I must say that it looked quite good, considering that I saw it in cinema as well. My rating didn't change much with the second viewing.

Most people criticize this movie for being too cliched and illogical; it is indeed full of stereotypes and illogical things on a small scale. On a big scale, it makes sense - basics of human relationship, humanity experiencing a catastrophe due to exploitation of Earth's resources.

The Gulf stream shutting off due to "contamination" by melted freshwater is scientifically sound. It won't happen so fast, and it would mainly affect Iceland, Ireland and UK, but these are small details. ;)

8.5/10. I enjoyed watching it for the second time, and this doesn't happen with many movies.


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