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03 Jun, 2005

Star Wars III

— Posted by hazard @ 2005-06-03 22:42
Since both Leonid and Lev blogged about Star Wars III:

I figured out why it is boring. It is because all humans behave unhuman-like. Too perfect. No emotions. Hell, droids look more human than humans in this movie...


  1. I think it's calling "acting technique" that's why the most serials are boring. Actors just walking and change they mimicry instead of playing - acting like character of a play or a movie. Real actor express the character not just knit his brows or smile.

    Posted by lev — 03 Jun 2005, 23:13

  2. I alsmost agree with you. There were some emotions in the script. Remeber, Skywalker was crying and so was his girlfriend at some point. But the way they did it - yuck. It appeared totally unbelievable. Also, since they weren't delivering the personality of the characters very well, I couldn't relate myself to them, thus all the crying (and other emotions for that matter) didn't touch me.

    Acting sucked. The film was boring. :)

    Posted by Leonid Mamchenkov — 04 Jun 2005, 03:01

  3. I figured out that this is an acting technique, the problem with it is that it sucks :-)

    Posted by Hazard — 04 Jun 2005, 10:34

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    Posted by Gonzik — 16 Jun 2005, 01:41

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