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nginx as protection against DDoS to Apache

— Posted by hazard @ 2011-08-28 18:33
A few days ago I was asked to help with a DDoS attack against a website. The DDoS itself was pretty generic, a small zombie network hammering particular URLs from the websites with GET requests. The websites were running on Apache, and despite that the target page was static, the DDoS was bringing Apache to its knees. System administrators tried to utilize various Apache modules and configuration tricks to protect against DDoS, but to no avail.

There was only one solution to this on my mind - install nginx. And that really helped. nginx is asynchronous by design and therefore handles load much much better. Whilst Apache was failing with several hundred simultaneous connections, nginx easily scaled to 10k caused by DDoS, whilst using only 20% CPU.

The first website was completely moved to nginx, with PHP being served through PHP/FastCGI. For the second website, the nginx was configured in proxy mode, so that it would forward all requests to the Apache, whilst enforcing limits against DDoS - 1 unique page request per IP per second, as well as blocking certain user agents. Below is an example configuration I created, relevant for CentOS/RHEL.