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What a wonderful day ... NOT

— Posted by hazard @ 2010-03-19 14:39
It's been a while I posted something here, so as well it might be a rant.

  • Confortel Atrium hotel in Madrid tried to put 60 EUR worth of bar/restaurant charges on me, ignoring the fact that they were dated BEFORE the date I arrived.
  • Aegean airlines screwed up web check-in Madrid-Athens-Larnaca. I managed to check in for Madrid-Athens, but then the system would not let me check-in to Larnaca.
  • Aegean airlines did not manage to register me to Larnaca even in Madrid airport registration desk. "We use different systems". It should be mentioned that my transfer time in Athens was planned to be just one hour, which is already tight, without having to obtain a boarding pass...
  • ... and then the flight to Athens was delayed.
  • The duty-free in Madrid didn't put the bottle of wine I purchased in a sealed bag. So the bottle was happily confiscated by Athens airport security.
  • My passport got damaged (peeled off) just on the place where my photo is.
  • It seems I caught a cold.

Well, it could be worse, right ??