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GPS + Google Earth = Wow

— Posted by hazard @ 2006-07-19 02:18
Today I went to Larnaca to perform some maintenance in our POP. The problem is, Larnaca is being digged everywhere and there are more diversions than open roads ... and the last time I have been to our POP is a couple of years ago. So, inevitably I got lost. I was on the phone with Dimitry who was trying to explain me where to turn and when, but his instructions were leading me to the same place where I was one minute ago. :)

So, suddenly it struck us - I have GPS in the car and Dimitry has Google Earth. I tell him my coordinates, and voila ! He sees where I am, and starts to give me instructions on the level of a Cyprus Rally navigator - "go until T-junction, turn right, now you'll see a small park, turn left, now turn right on the T-junction, now follow the turn with a 30 degree bend ..." and I'm there!

Fantastic. One of those rare moments when you feel that you live in 21st century.


— Posted by hazard @ 2006-07-02 23:49
The new Russian imaging satellite, Resurs-DK1, has already been described as being "8x better than West counterparts" to president Putin. Below are links to pictures of Izmir, Turkey, taken by Resurs-DK1, and picture of the same place from Google Earth (most probably from Ikonos satellite). Compare yourself.

Izmir, by Resurs-DK1
Izmir, by Google Earth