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Linux file-system ACLs

— Posted by hazard @ 27-10-2005 02:38
Linux file-system ACLs have been available in Red Hat Enterprise/Fedora for some time. ACLs allow you to have more flexible access control to the filesystem than standard UNIX access semantics (user/group/other). Today, I encountered a case where two groups had to have rwX access to the same directory. A quick search on the 'net revealed the following:

Enable ACLs: edit /etc/fstab and add "acl" option to the filesystem. To activate ACL functionality without rebooting, run mount -o remount [mount point]
Add additional group access to a directory: setfacl -R -m g:[group]:rwX [directory]
Check that ACL is correct:getfacl [directory]


Miracles of globalization

— Posted by hazard @ 27-10-2005 02:26
Off-shore programmers... Off-shore support... Off-shore management?


And before you think it is a joke, apparently Alan Cox is involved.

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