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Open-Source Innovation

— Posted by hazard @ 2005-05-28 17:20
Several times I read claims that there is no innovation in open-source projects, everything is a replica of existing proprietary software. Well, how about Perl?


— Posted by hazard @ 2005-05-23 11:28
I released my longest video yet - collection of clips from Russian Cyprus amateur song festival KSP-2005. Approx 1h30m running time. While working on it, I realized that I need to upgade my RAM, my CPU and my monitor. :-)

Spam Wars

— Posted by hazard @ 2005-05-19 01:39
This week started from a huge flood of German propoganda spam generated by Sober Worm. Messages were coming every few minutes and our current SpamAssassin installations couldn't do anything as the scores were very low. What made matters worse is that this spam was coming to our support addresses handled by Request Tracker (ticketing system), which meant huge waste of time spent on dealing with bogus tickets.
It took me a few days to fight off this spam. Main things I did are the following:

- Enable Vipul's Razor on SpamAssassin installations and increase its score.
- Add "Spam" button to RT web interface to resolve the ticket without further confirmation and feed incoming SPAM emails into SpamAssassin, which in turn would submit it to Vipul's Razor.

Razor seems to be the only method to fight off this new wave of SPAM. Right now most of the spam messages are recognized by the Razor and cut off before they can waste time of our staff.

Tiny patch to make dv2dv accept transcode DV files

— Posted by hazard @ 2005-05-03 04:02
When fed an .AVI file made by transcode, dv2dv exits with a confusing "cannot open file" error. In fact, it doesn't recognize the AVI file being as a DV one. I made a small patch to fix it.