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mod_dav_svn and mod_auth_pam combo unstable

— Posted by hazard @ 20-04-2005 22:26
I was investigating strange "Connection truncated" errors when Subversion clients were connecting through WEBDAV. It turned out Apache's mod_dav_svn and mod_auth_pam do not interoperate very well and results in httpd crashing with SIGALARM and "*** glibc detected *** free(): invalid pointer:" errors in the error_log.

In my case the solution was to switch to mod_auth_ldap and the crashes were gone.

Caching of DocBook DTDs

— Posted by hazard @ 20-04-2005 22:21
To my surprise I have discovered that whenever I create a PDF from DocBook using docbook2pdf, it fetches DTDs from the Net. This process makes PDF generation slower by 3-4 times. Some Googling resulted in buildDocBookCatalog script which can be downloaded from xmlsoft.org. It creates a catalog file which contains mapping from URLs to locally cached DTD files.

New Category "Software"

— Posted by hazard @ 20-04-2005 22:18
Leonid has been bugging to blog about my adventures with software, for the benefits of Internet. :) Hence, a new category was born...

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