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Motorola A780 is here :)

— Posted by hazard @ 10-04-2005 02:40
Last Monday my Motorola A780 mobile phone finally arrived. This is a Linux-based quad-band GSM smartphone. Below is a review of my experience with it so far.

Ergonomics: a little bit bigger than I would like to, but still fits fine into a pocket.
User Interface: Fast. A bit confusing, probably because I'm used to Nokia. All applications have uniform layout and you can copy/paste between several applicatoins running at the same time.
Phone functionality: T9 search in address book is very convinient. However, contact management can only be done in fullscreen, meaning that you cannot use keypad or T9 (only through virtual keyboard).
Web browsing: built-in Opera shows most of the pages, including non-English ones, although Russian font is a bit weird.
Email client: IMAP works, but not very useful when you have 700 messages in your mailbox. :(
VPN: seems to support only IPSEC (not PPTP).
Photo: built-in 1.3MP camera makes adequate photos, however nowhere close to digital camera (out of focus, bad lighting etc).
Media playback: MP3, WMA, mobile MP4 play fine using built-in RealPlayer. RealPlayer can be accessed without use of fullscreen. MP3s can be used as ringtones.
Third-party applications: most of J2ME applications run without problems. MIDPSSH works great as a telnet/ssh client. VNC client is available, but I didn't try it yet.

Now I'm working on synchronization of Calendar with Ximian Evolution. Stay tuned.

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