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European Real-time Earthquake List

— Posted by hazard @ 2005-01-24 02:59
Earthquake happened just now. In five minutes there was an update on EMSC regarding it - see here. USGS also updated their earth-quake list, about 30 minutes later.

Hosting with low budget

— Posted by hazard @ 2005-01-23 22:04
One day after registering my domain at Joker for $12 per year, I find out about GoDaddy - $7.95/yr. With free DNS hosting and mail forwarding.

Now that we have the domain, how about 100 MB PHP/Perl/MySQL webhosting for less than $1/mo? Check out SiteFlip.

Presenting http://hazardous-area.org

— Posted by hazard @ 2005-01-23 05:13
From now on you can access my blog through the new domain: http://hazardous-area.org

Anti-Terror Polo

— Posted by hazard @ 2005-01-22 02:34
Definitely not your usual car advertisement... :)

Root access on Motorola A780 confirmed! (sort of)

— Posted by hazard @ 2005-01-20 23:20
Anybody knows Chinese? :) Here is a HOW-TO on how to connect to Motorola A780 and edit ezx_camera.cfg. Some further search showed that there is a big online community around Motorola's Linux phones (especially E680) in Asia.

Soviet Space Cameras

— Posted by hazard @ 2005-01-16 20:08
Donald Mitchell did a great research on images returned from Soviet planetary probes. It seems that most images published in Soviet press were heavily degraded due to poor print handling. Donald managed to get copies of original digital data returned from the probes and reconstructed them.

Soviet press:

Donald Mitchell:

Some of the images returned from Soviet probes, such views from Venera series Venus landers, or IR Mars images returned by Phobos probes, have not been surpassed in quality even today.

"The Shape of Things"

— Posted by hazard @ 2005-01-16 16:12
"The Shape of Things" is yet another example that Europeans can approach the same old story and still manage to squeeze out a fresh plot, with good acting delivered by Reichel Weisz and Paul Rudd.


Huygens landed on Titan!

— Posted by hazard @ 2005-01-15 03:04
Huygens had an almost perfect landing on Titan, and is returning a lot of valuable scientific data, including photos. One can clearly see methane "riverbeds" and shorelines. I wonder, is there any fish out there? :-)

Movie: The Sweetest Thing

— Posted by hazard @ 2005-01-10 03:50
"The Sweetest Thing" is a nice and light 18+ comedy with Cameron Diaz and Christina Applegate. For some reason underrated on IMDB.


Motorola A780 review from Gadgetmanic

— Posted by hazard @ 2005-01-06 19:26
Gadgetmanic has a nice Motorola A780 review. Still no info whether it has root access open, though...

"Almost Salinas"

— Posted by hazard @ 2005-01-06 02:39
I hate describing movies I like. I cannot convey the feeling I get while watching them.

So, "Almost Salinas" was quite good. By far most of movies shot for TV are crap. This one is a shining diamond. Or maybe it just fit perfectly into the mood I had.


New world record for alcohol content in blood

— Posted by hazard @ 2005-01-05 15:38
Related to new year celebration:

A new world record for alcohol content in blood has been set by a 67-year old gentlemen from Bulgaria: 9.14 promile (approx 2 litres of vodka). It is considered that concentration above 5 promile leads to death. However, the record-beating hero got into a hospital for another reason: he was run off by an automobile and is now in a safe condition. It is also reported that doctors did blood analysis five times because they couldn't believe results they got...

More details (in Russian) are here.

Happy New Year!

— Posted by hazard @ 2005-01-02 02:13
First post of 2005 :)