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Blame for The Lake Constance Aircraft Crash

— Posted by hazard @ 29-12-2004 02:05
In year 2002, a Tupolev aircraft carrying 70 children from Russia on a trip to Spain collided with DHL's Boing. Initially Russian pilots were blamed by Europe for not obeying orders from air traffic controller, but in the end it was discovered that they did and the blame was largely shifted to the air traffic controller himself.

Dangerous asteroid around

— Posted by hazard @ 27-12-2004 03:44
The 2004 MN4 asteroid got one of the highest impact risks in history. Right now it is 4 on the Torino scale, meaning that a hit is not unrealistic. The orbit of the asteroid is still not 100% known, subsequent updates will either increase or reduce its impact risk. In any case, if the risk will remain high humanity has about 25 years to prepare until the asteroid comes (and that will result in substantial progress of space technology).

Photoshop Phobias

— Posted by hazard @ 27-12-2004 00:13
"Photoshop phobias" contest - irrational fears, visualized.

New Cyprus-related portal

— Posted by hazard @ 26-12-2004 23:20
A new Cyprus-related portal has popped up - www.cyprusnet.com. We'll see if they stay updated.

Comedy Central's Last Laugh 04

— Posted by hazard @ 25-12-2004 13:25
You have to watch it :-)


Delta-4 Heavy finally launched

— Posted by hazard @ 22-12-2004 11:09
After one year of standing on the launched pad and lots of preparations, the Delta-4 Heavy inaugral launched finally happened. Photographs are here. I must say that it is an impressive sight. :)

Czech presentation about WISP-Dist

— Posted by hazard @ 19-12-2004 13:07
It is always nice to see that your software is used around the world. Accidentally I found this presentation about WISP-Dist in Czech.

Motorola A760 kernel sources

— Posted by hazard @ 19-12-2004 13:05
Things are getting better and better. Apparently Motorola released GPL'd kernel source for the A760. Now they need to do the same for A780 and there will be nothing stopping me from buying it. :)


RIPSAW - The Grand Challenge 2005 Contender

— Posted by hazard @ 18-12-2004 02:58
Forget about 4x4. Introducing the ultimate means of transportation. :) This guys will participate in DARPA 2005 challenge. I definitely need to watch it.


Museum of Hoaxes

— Posted by hazard @ 12-12-2004 11:43
Tons of great hoaxes on this website (the pre-20th century sections are quite interesting).

Harvard Sucks :)

— Posted by hazard @ 12-12-2004 11:29
Yale students perform a prank on Harvard (check out the video)

And these guys did it first:
The Great Rosebowl Hoax

Bad Luck with Mini-ITX

— Posted by hazard @ 07-12-2004 00:29
I'm trying to assemble two Mini-ITX PCs - one based on EPIA-M 10000 motherboard, another one on Insight P4-ITX. So far first one continuously beeps (memory?), the other one remains silent, but does not boot as well (red LED turns on the motherboard). :-(


A Trackback Post

— Posted by hazard @ 06-12-2004 22:28
I make this post per Leonid's request with trackback pings enabled, whatever that means. :)


Movie about Plesetsk Cosmodrome

— Posted by hazard @ 06-12-2004 00:39

Motorola Linux phones

— Posted by hazard @ 05-12-2004 20:30
Apparently's Motorola's Linux-based mobile phones have telnet open and it should be possible to write native applications for them. Cool.

Bruce Lindsay

— Posted by hazard @ 04-12-2004 19:38
Bruce Lindsay is known as one of RDBMS pioneers. But IMHO the most impressive thing about him is his photograph. :-)


Java vs Perl

— Posted by hazard @ 02-12-2004 23:59
Recently there has been a small debate within myself on whether Java is better for large projects than Perl. Some links: Perl Style Guides for Large Projects. P5EE. P5EE Style Guide. There is Something that Java Should Do. Why I am not a Java Programmer. Why Do Java Developers Like to Make Things So Hard?

Rock on rock gallery

— Posted by hazard @ 02-12-2004 00:24
Wow!(Linux users: use mplayer plugin)

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