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Kernel 2.6.28 for Fedora Core 8

— Posted by hazard @ 09-02-28 14:31
In case someone wants to run a recent Linux kernel on an FC8 box, I have made an RPM for and you can download it here. Should also install on CentOS 5/RHEL 5 if you use --force.

Ussuriysk space center

— Posted by hazard @ 09-02-02 16:28

This breathtaking photo was taken next to a space communication facility near Ussuriysk, Russia. The biggest RT-70 radiotelescope has a 70m diameter antenna with an area of 2500 sq. m! The telescope stands over 100m high, can rotate 360 degrees and weights over 24 thousand tons [1] [2]. Impressive gadget :) Sadly, not used nowadays, due to lack of financing and deep space missions.

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