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30 Oct, 2005

Rammstein's Rosenrot review

— Posted by hazard @ 2005-10-30 12:42
Using my magical powers I have obtained a copy of Rammstein's "Rosenrot". After hearing their excellent "Benzin" single, I was hoping for an album similar in pace to their first two - "Senshucht" and "Herzeleid". Well, my hopes did not come to life. :(

90% of tracks are similar to the trend they started with "Mutter". And they are not the best of that trend.

Recommended tracks: Benzin (10/10), Mann Gegen Mann (6/10), Spring (8/10), Te Quiero Puta (6/10).

Album rating: 4.5/10.


  1. I'm happy that you have the magical powers :)

    Posted by lev — 31 Oct 2005, 12:29

  2. Me too. ;)

    Posted by hazard — 01 Nov 2005, 01:04

  3. 4.5 out of 10?? Come on, I'll admit that this is not the best album Rammstein has produced, but it's definitely a solid piece of work. I'm giving it a 7/10

    Posted by Rammer — 01 Nov 2005, 18:53

  4. rammstein, wont do anymore songs like they used to do in herzeleid and sehnsucht, thats wat richard said, and btx i believe mutter was their best album, the guitars r thiocker now than they used to be, i like songs such as mann gegen mann, spring, mein teil, mein herz brennt, spieluhr, i like songs such as tier, or laichzeit, but as far as i know rammstein, wont go back to that sort of industrial

    Posted by Payta — 03 Nov 2005, 05:02

  5. they should've waited a year... to polish tracks... when did they have time to do this album? It seems to me they did 3 good tracks and added more junk to fill it up an here is your LP... enjoy it... im sorry rammstein did this... my fav is te quiero puta... and maybe spring... and rosenrot... but the rest it seems it's just there... just like that... their best, btw in my opinion is reise, reise

    Posted by gerdez — 04 Nov 2005, 01:41

  6. I agree with gerdez. A lot of tracks sound like they weren't finished or given much thought.

    One good thing about Rosenrot, is the artwork. I really like the icy shades...

    Posted by hazard — 04 Nov 2005, 02:07

  7. rosenrot was originally a follow up of reise reise and was originally to be called reise reise vol 2. These songs were not believed to fit into reise reise so rather than trashing the songs rammstein created rosenrot as a fans album. Not a separate album.

    Posted by wr3 — 11 Nov 2005, 03:48

  8. They won't go back to industrial because as most people don't know, industrial music in the american eye mostly revolves around satan. And some people are actually stupid enough to think that all Rammstein sings about is satanism, when they could easily just go check the lyrics. And, while in america, between sehnsucht and mutter, Till was stabbed some guy that called him a neo nazi.
    That's why they're not going to be industrial anymore, because some asshole with a knife didn't check the lyrics, not because they didn't want to.
    For me, I give it a "8.5/10" (awsome heavy guitar riffs)
    My other ratings were,
    Herzeleid "9.5/10" (awsome song selection)
    Sehnsucht 7/10, (his vocal telents weren't that impressive to where I could actually remeber them by heart)
    Mutter "10/10" (one word: Sonne)
    Reise, Reise "9.5/10" (Till's vocals are amazing on this CD)

    Posted by Jeff — 12 Nov 2005, 23:05

  9. i actually liked this album. didn't like sehnsucht much because it was a bit of a 'soft pop' compared to herzleid. reise reise is good in the sence that they try something new and concentrate more on penetrating lyrics rather than music. simply because they only repeat 2/3 notes (moskau). but their rosenrot album is a bit of a quick follow-up. i agree that it wasn't finished off properly, but then which albums are?

    out of 6 albums they have released, i'll rate this one 3rd, after reise reise, mutter, and herzleid. and they still are my 2nd fave band (after in extremo (just like rammstein but they've got bugpipes 8))), so no matter what they produce they'll be considered kings of teutonic rock.


    Posted by alex — 14 Nov 2005, 01:12

  10. great diappointment.
    for r, r vol2, as it was planned, i expected a much stronger album. from former albums i liked some songs but not the whole albums. reise, reise was the one which made me to listen to the old ones again, and now i love them all, from wollt ihr... to amour, although rammstein evolved much in these 10 years.
    rosenrot - well, when i saw the videoclip of benzin, i thought that its okay, but surely there will be better songs on the album. as it turned out, its one of the best 8(. not the lyrics, the music, the lyrics are good as always (except for benzin wich isnt very elaborate 8), but most songs are - well, maybe average...
    i liked the first 3: benzin, mann gegen mann and rosenrot (vielleicht hilf mir). sorry, maybe - im not german anyway...8)

    guys, you needed the cash that much?

    Posted by galocza — 16 Nov 2005, 16:55

  11. MUTTER IS THEIR BEST ALBUM!!!! This new one is a piece of shit though. Stirb Nicht Vor Mir is by far the worst Rammstein song I've ever heard. The only tracks even worth listening to are Spring, Wo Bist Du, Zerstören, and Hilf Mir...
    By the way - if a group is insecure enough to change their entire style from something like Herzeleid - Mutter (EVEN REISE REISE WAS SUPERIOR!) into shit like this over a stabbing then they have truly lost whatever spark they started with.

    Posted by Koma — 22 Nov 2005, 20:28

  12. What a shame i love Mutter, got some great song i just get the impression they are just rushing music out now, it all went downhill after Mutter much to my dissapointment

    Posted by craigy — 11 Oct 2006, 02:08

  13. After letting time have it's way with rosenrot, I've found it's actually a pretty decent album. Everything on it plays well except...well you know which track is the tradegy.

    Posted by Gibbs — 22 Dec 2009, 00:12

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